Sincerity and Truth in the 21st Century

Therefore let us keep not with the old bread leavened with malice and wickedness, but with the unleavened bread of sincerity and truth.” (1 Co 5:8)

Sincerity and truth are the cornerstones of the relationship with others including in the business, work or personal space. Malice and wickedness for the self-interest of the person, lead to self-destruction inevitably.

This morning, I was discussing this topic of self-interest and whether human is good or wicked in general with CC (my eight year old son).  His take is that human is generally good but to themselves or to the human race, but behaves badly towards the plants and animals on earth. That is why we see a lot of environmental issues cropping up especially now, when technology and logistics have improved tremendously. Human is exploiting the earth at a faster speed for self-interest than decades before.

Even on the personal basis, people are generally pursuing activities and work for the benefits of themselves primarily. And even when they help others, it is because such activity brings them joy and happiness. Man generally do not do good for others, purely for the benefits of others. They do good because they are delighted to do good. It pleases themselves to do good albeit its inconvenience.

In employment, employees work for monetary rewards and non-monetary ones, for example, personal self-actualisation. They do not see that their reward is the increase in the firm’s value. Shareholders want employees to work to increase firm’s value at the minimum cost. The agency-principal problem in corporate world happens when the bosses want to earn the most profit, and the workers want to earn the most wages.

What did the bible say about all these scenarios? How does it apply to the human issues raised above of environment, charitable pursuit and employment? I think educating people of the values of truth and sincerity is important. For example, the environment if exploited beyond redemption, would bring destruction to the human race. We can see drastic weather changes and floods for the past twenty years. For charitable pursuits, we should emphasis to individuals that helping others bring much joy and hope to others, and in turn bring the same joy to the person who helps others. Thirdly, on the work place’s agency problem, it is important to emphasize on collaboration and personal relationship of trust and integrity. If the employee does good to increase the firm’s value, the company must reward the employee fairly and timely.


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